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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 17, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> gregg: hello, i'll gregg jarrett and welcome to brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping the news, casey anthony a free woman. whereabouts unknown for the public. she leaves behind unanswered questions and a lost angry people. we'll get a live report. >> gregg: could this man be the next president of the united states? all about herman cain a fox news exclusive coming up. >> heather: and during the summer, millions of americans are feeling the brutal heat and will it let up anytime soon? >> gregg: we begin with a sunday standoff in the nation's capitol
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over raising the debt ceiling. the white house holding out hope budget director saying there has been activity and progress, are his words to reach a keel. as both sides debate various proposals, the devil is in the details. time is working against negotiators, an august 2nd deadline is fast approaching. steve is live in washington. time is obviously running out. is there still a chance that some kind of bargain can be achieved? >> it's becoming a cliff-hanger. obama administration thinks there is still time but the august 2nd deadline is approaching quickly. there hasn't banana bargaining session at the white house since last thursday and no new meetings scheduled yet. meantime, the budget director jack lu has been sitting the sunday talk shows saying there is time to get something done and that is the president's
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goal. >> president made clear he wants the largest deal possible, most we can to reduce reduce the deficit. >> he is going into areas that he has not in the past he has not been comfortable. >> reporter: there has been talks behind the scenes but we got an indication from him. >> gregg: where do republicans stand at this point? >> reporter: there is a growing division among republicans in the senate over mcconnell's measure for a stopgap measure to keep the country from defaulting it would allow the president to raise the debt ceiling in three phases but without spelling long term solutions. that would come later. >> i'm not going to support the mcconnell plan. this is kicking the can down the road. american people sent us here to make tough choices. not to set up a commission and
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do a veto. that is not what they sent us here to do. >> reporter: with gop divided on that issue, mcconnell measure could pass the senate but facing a tougher battle in the republican controlled house. >> gregg: steve, thanks. >> heather: casey anthony spending her first day as a free woman. she was released from jail after being found not guilty of murder for her daughter caylee's death. angry crowds, waiting outside the jail as they ducked away into a waiting suv. the is casey anthony hiding. live at orlando,s from where caylee's remains were found. walk us through the release last night.
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>> reporter: i want to share brand-new information coming into fox news channel from our producer on the ground, one of many that have been working this case. kathleen rochelle. she got off the phone with mark lipman, the attorney that represents george and cindy anthony, they told -- their attorney said basically jose baez and texted them she was safe but they were at home watching the release on television. a relief that happened like clockwork at 11 past midnight according to the clock on the wall at orange county jail. take a look at the video. company anthony wearing a pink polo shirt. she was given $500 in cash, money that remained in her inmate account. a lost which donations from the public that poured in while she was incarcerated. three selected journalists
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captured the moment the world wanted to see, a moment that lasted a little more than ten seconds. listen. >> she was just tunnel vision through the door. that is when i think i saw that smile of relief. she saw freedom and she saw the exit door and she saw the suv, me exit, goodbye. >> reporter: from the jail there was a motorcade, two suvs and white car. casey got into one of suvs and stopped in nearby downtown orlando. as the news helicopters hovered above. suvs never reemerged from the parking structure. other cars appeared and it was not clear which one casey anthony was in and the media lost sight and no one knows where she is. >> heather: we see the crowds gathered behind you. there is a strong reaction from
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the public. >> reporter: that may be an understatement. i'm going to have my photographer go off my shoulder back here over the weekend we have seen dozens of people, not from orlando or from florida that have been stopping by the woods here. this is the location where remains of little caylee anthony were found. some people to pay their respects. others to snap photos. let's show you the scene outside the jail last night where 300 protestors gathered holding homemade signs. when the front door opened and when she emerged, the crowd got louder. they were shouting things like baby killer. they rushed the barricades that were set up in front of the jail. there was a heavy police presence but no reports of violence and no reports of arrests last night. even though the emotions are running high. back to you. >> heather: thank you very much. we appreciate your coverage of the story.
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>> firestorm is brewing on facebook over casey anthony's release from jail. the posts that you have to hear. that is when our legal panel weighs in. what is next for casey anthony, find out with a special justice with janeanne and geraldo, there is a special at 10:00 tonight eastern all that tonight's on the fox news channel. >> gregg: new developments to tell you about in the news of the world phone hacking investigation. we are just getting word that london's police chief has quit over alleged ties to the case. this coming hours after the former chief executive the british newspaper was arrested. 43-year-old rebecca brooks still being questioned. the newspaper was owned by news corp the parent company of fox news and senior foreign affairs
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correspondent amy legaling on is live. >> reporter: it mass affected the highest levels of news corp but also the british head of police. the police have been under fire for allegedly taking bribes bribes from news of the world jiorts and also employing a deputy editor as a consultant. he was arrested on friday. finally for not handling the phone hacking scandal thoroughly the first time around. >> as commissioner, i have ultimate responsibility we find our position in. with hindsight i wish we were involved in this affair differently. >> reporter: what many have called a shocking development, former head of rupert murdoch's newspaper group, rebecca brooks was arrested for conspiracy to
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intersected communications. she had an appointment with police around noon today. she went in and was arrested. that was about nine hours and spoke with scotland yard and they say she is still in custody. 43-year-old brooks had top echelon of tabloid journalism here and ran the biggest newspaper group. she resigned on friday and two days later she has been arrested. she has not been charged yet, but again she has been arrested in connection with phone hacking and alleged bribes to police. she resigned friday, two days before he is supposed to appear before a committee. she was arrested on sunday and tuesday she is supposed to testify before this committee side by side with rupert murdoch and james. it's not clear whether she will
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be able to turn up or there will be restrictions based had on what she can say based on the arrest. that the latest. >> gregg: amy, thank you. >> heather: called the most mor interesting presidential candidates, herman cain a real leader with real solutions. he spoke out about his candidacy and his vision for the country. peter due si reports from washington. >> he is known by 45% of all republicans. coming in third with ballot support behind romney and palin. on the fox news sunday he was looking out for the fellow businessmen. the only way to fix the economy is protect the small businesses. >> the engine to our economic growth is the business sector.
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this administration has put nothing in the engine and everything in the caboose. we are never going to grow until we move the capital gains barrier and sustain taxes on repay tree yiatd profits. >> he addressed two controversies in islam. first he opposes building a mosque in a certain town but keeping a mosque out of their town is going to help them keep american laws, then they have a right to keep it out. he also explained earlier comments about the reason he would hesitated to put a muslim on the cabinet if he was president's. >> i'm willing to take a harder look that might be terrorists. there is a peaceful group of muslims in this country. they are free to worship. i have no problem with that. >> reporter: the cain campaign has raised a total of $2.58
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million including a loan from the candidate himself. >> heather: thank you very much. you can see much more of the interview with herman cain on fox news sunday at 6:00. >> devastating floods that put 11,000 home from their homes. finally letting up. more than 4,000 homes in the area. water standing about 13 feet above flood level shattering a previous record set 130 years ago. >>. >> heather: if it is not hot where you are, you better get ready. a major heat wave. triple-digit temperatures, a whole lot of states and this time serious storms that are coming along with them. maria molina is in extreme
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weather center with more on that. >> we are looking at serious storms and big part of the reason for those storms, very warm air with cooler air further off to the north. across north dakota we are looking for a tornado warning that we want to tell you about for northwestern barnes county. they are producing rotation currently on the ground. you should take are the seriously and please shelter. this tornado is in effect until 45 past the hour. tiem temperatures, rapid city, 97. and right now 98.degrees in dallas. factor in the humidity and it feels like a lot hotter. look at minneapolis when you are outside, 107 degrees. that is dangerous stuff. make sure you are drinking a lot of water and try to stay out of direct sunlight. because of how hot it is, there are heat warnings and heat
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advisories across portions of northern plains down to the southern plains. even the city of dallas, texas heat advisory and some areas could feel like 115 degrees. that could be a very high heat index because the sunshine and hot temperatures achbdz lot of humidity in place. conditions are generally stay dry across the central plains but areas across the northern plains and wisconsin into western portions of michigan are looking at that risk for some severe weather today. specifically in that area in red including fargo, north dakota. greatest risk for severe weather. aside from that, we did mention fargo we do have tornado warning and it's favorable for these thunderstorms with rotation and possible touchdowns and off to the north we have a severe watch where we could see strong storms producing hail.
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a look to the west of fargo but as we head in to tomorrow, more hot temperatures, 101 will be the high in rapid city, actual high in new york, high tomorrow at 91. >> heather: thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> gregg: they are called the windows to the soul, but a new study shows your eyes may also hold a very important key for doctors, a simple eye test helping to detect alzheimer's a dangerous disease. julie banderas has the details. >> julie: researchers at the alzheimer's international conference are revealing to fascinating studies in early detection of alzheimer's. they found that alzheimer's causes changes in the eyes and not just the brain falling may an early warning sign. people that seem to have healthy minds but were discovered to
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have plaque clogging their brains were five times more likely to fall than those without these brain deposits. the disease is caused by a build-up of plaque. a second study found alzheimer's is known to cause changes in the eyes detected by a simple eye test. researchers photographed blood vessels in the retinas of 113 people. 13 people with alzheimer's and 13 others with minor impairment. the width of certain blood vessels were different in a healthy person and masked the amount of plaque in brain scans. currently brain scans is most common way to find evidence of alzheimer's but they say they are expensive and impractical. major warning signs of alzheimer's include the following, memory loss, a confusion with time or place. new problems with speaking or writing words. social withdrawal and changes in
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mood or personality. more than 5 ppbltd 4 million americans and 35 million people will get alzheimer's. it noose cure. drugs only temporarily ease symptoms so finding it early families can prepare ahead of time. >> heather: it is day two of carmegeddon, that massive road construction project. an update on the progress and if it's creating any headaches. >> gregg: and president obama awarding the medal of honor to this brave army ranger. how he saved lives and put his own personal safety on the line. >> heather: and can this really protect your hard earned money in tough economic times. >> we want to make prices clear
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and complain, but they send it right back to the credit card issuer and you still have a problem you send it back to them. it's hard to know exactly what is going to happen. >> gregg: here are the four main accomplishments. complaints about credit cards, bank fees, mortgage services, truth in lending but there is no oversight is there? >> no, they are intended to be the oversight of this these agencies and consumers have huge complaints about mortgages. they are difficult to compare. you don't know what you have to give.
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the truth in lending act is also difficult to read. think are hoping to simplify things. already we have the bureau has a $329 million budget. it's a drop in a bucket compared to a lot of federal agencies. who knows? for banks and everybody else it's another level of regulation they have to deal with. does that mean they already lending less? it's hard to tell at this time. >> gregg: and the power is unlimited. i took the time to read the act. there is no limit here, is there? >> right now senator shelby said the president has waited too long to nominate somebody to this post. unless they make changes there won't be a confirmation. it's also interesting that he bypassed elizabeth warren who has spending all this time being
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the architect. she claims she likes starting up but a lot of consumer groups were backing her for this post. >> gregg: doesn't like this execute. i feel that way about everything i do. it's empowered to punish, unfair deceptive business practices. i looked that up. it's undefined, what does that mean? >> you are a lawyer, too. again, we have level after level of bureaucracy with very nebulous terms. i think it will depend on whatever supervisor is dealing with your particular case. that could lead to problems. >> gregg: if you are a business and feel something about this protection agency, however, do you complain? there is no remedy, there should be a provision, how do you complain about this. >> they say this is to help
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consumers, but again it might further the credit crunch if banks feel they are going to be unlucratively punished. elizabeth warren they are not going to get rid of products necessarily but that could happen as well. >> gregg: it could make loans, debit cards and bank accounts more expensive. brenda, good to see you. >> heather: capital worked by a new round of nato airstrikes as moammar khadafy found to never surrender. we'll talk to mark kirk from illinois, standing by live as the clock ticks down on the great debate.
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>> heather: bottom of the hour, time for the top of news.
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casey anthony trying to stay in obscurity after her freeze jail. people shouted baby killer as he was whisked away to freedom by armed guards. >> gregg: california's carmegeddon. one of the busiest freeways reopening with no time to spare. >> heather: nasa astronauts getting ready for their big return. they are almost done for the long ride home. they are scheduled to undock from the station to tuesday. -- on tuesday. >> gregg: negotiators going over various proposals in the search for a deal over the debt ceiling. president obama offering to cut $4 trillion in a deficit reduction plan but republicans say a smaller deal would have a better chance of passing on capitol hill. gop plan calls for $2 trillion
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in cuts and smaller debt ceiling. here now republican senator mark kirk. thank you very much for being with us. your spokesperson said, quote -- >> gregg: senator, doesn't that plan include revenue increases or tax hikes, and many of your party say it would cost jobs. are they wrong? >> i think there is broad bipartisan consensus backing the president's bipartisan commission report, simpson boles. it's a $4.5 trillion reduction in spending and balanced budget amendment. it tremendously reduces future
1:31 pm
borrowing of the united states and has strong bipartisan support. >> gregg: i spent the morning rereading simpson-boles and it includes revenue increases of $995 billion. so you are advocating a tax increase, aren't you? >> i think the key features of this bill are number one to cap spending and generated savings there. number two, the reform of entitlements including social security and medicare. then number three, tax reform that wipes out all tax expenditures but defend mortgage interest and charitable interest deductions. that goes from 39% and 28% and share the revenue between deficit reduction and the lowering of taxes. >> gregg: simpson-boles which you advdvocate calls for a tax
1:32 pm
increase. are you in favor of a tax increase? >> i think the tax reform in simpson-boles is right because if you lower the tax rate from 39 beneficial to the economy. also i think we've got to see the reality that our founding fathers put before us, a divided government and we shouldn't face an economic catastrophe here. we should get a big reduction plan. >> gregg: tax increases is yes for you? >> i support a simpson-boles. >> gregg: that is a tax increase? >> they wipe out tax expenditures and lower the rates. and i support dynamic scoring would be tremendous for the economy. >> gregg: i'm confused, i must confess, as recently five days ago, you seem to be advocating a smaller $2 trillion deal as having a better chance of
1:33 pm
passing. now all of a sudden, you are in favor of $4 trillion deal, what has changed? >> if congressional leaders can't pass everything that the president wants, we should have a gear ratio of at least $3 in spending cuts to every dollar that the president wants. the ideal situation would be the big deal, the simpson bowls deal because $4.5 trillion deal and that would reassure u.s. allies. >> gregg: you don't feel like you pe betrayed people that you are not going to raise taxes, do you? >> my job is to expand this economy and to do it in an effective way. not to give speeches capitol hill but to advance the economic interests of the united states. >> gregg: by raising taxes, are you costing jobs? >> i think that lowering the tax rate from 39% to 28 is the way
1:34 pm
to go. by reforming the entitlement programs that is tough nut to crack, but we have democratic support on this. we should ally with those members that want to do it like the gang of six members who are hard line democrats and republicans but they back this concept. >> gregg: the problem is you are losing the american people. a poll you by a university finds that voters will blame your party, senator, republicans over president obama 48% to 34% if the debt ceiling is not raised. are you and your party losing the war of words and ideas? >> i think also most importantly policy is more important than politics. i will recall in 1983 when the real leader of the republican party ronald reagan and real leader of the democratic party
1:35 pm
tip o'neill saved social security, they increased social security with holding and they increased the retirement age from 65 to 67. many people expected political cal armageddon for ronald reagan. he went on to victory because he did the right thing. >> gregg: but it's reflected by what americans think. there is a gallup poll that finds that 70%. 70%, senator, americans want a solution that include spending cuts and revenue increases which is what president obama is advocating. are you telling me that americans are wrong about that? >> no. i think americans will strongly back the simpson-boles plan because they will see the lowering of tax rates from 39 to 28. they know to strengthen social security and medicare over the
1:36 pm
long haul there needs to be reform. big reform is best because it will reassure markets and be pro-growth and show the world that we kicked our spending habit. >> gregg: senator mark kirk, thank you for being with us. >> heather: nato airstrikes hammering a libyan port. ten rebels killed in the strike, happened in the port city of brega. scores more wounded, coming as moammar khadafy vows to never leave or surrender in the face of rebels. leland vitter is streaming live. >> that fighting continues in the town of brega but the rebels have been unable to deliver the knockout punch they need to retake the oil town. it would give them access to the export port which they could
1:37 pm
sell the oil on the open market and finance. rebels have paid dearly in terms of injuries. this is the first one in many months. they tried to hold their fire, train their men at least a dozen people dead, injuries now in the hundreds coming into the hospital outside of that town of brega as the fighting continues. it goes to show you the rebels are brave and dedicated and believe in their cause of freedom. they lack the military training they need and military hardware to make an effective move against the khadafy's army. he is hold up in tripoli where nato airstrikes pounded military installations, but nato has failed to deliver the knockout punch. we haven't seen shock and awe and critical bombing, phone systems or something like water plants that we saw during the iraq aware that would cripple
1:38 pm
his ability to hold on to power. so we are still at this point four months in where khadafy's army has the ability to continue to rain rockets in the town of misurata. overnight we had 12 to 15 lokts. they believe khadafy has moved more powerful rockets forward and that would explain them falling here deep inside the city. a number of the rockets fell here, hitting we don't know what it's hard to tell in the middle of the night. they probably hit at least one power substation and knocked out lights to a huge parts of the city. overnight the lights and air-conditioning and everything else in our hotel went out. that has been restored. four months in, khadafy has the ability to project that kind of force on a civilian population. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: there is new twist in the case of casey anthony look alike. remember this?
1:39 pm
the woman that was attacked allegedly because someone mistook her for casey anthony. well, the story has taken a brand-new turn. >> heather: and people seeking justice for caylee anthony. our legal panel weighs in. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
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>> gregg: strange story of a casey anthony look alike, allegedly attacked because of her appearance. it's getting tougher to pin down. sammi blackwell was run off the road in oklahoma by another driver, initially reported that the driver said she look like casey anthony. they are denying the story that she or the other driver ever mentioned casey anthony and the whole story is being made up. you report. >> heather: public outrage over
1:43 pm
the cias anthony verdict hitting a raw nerve and being felt online. facebook page trying to prevent her or anyone else from cashing in on the tragedy of caylee's death. >> if somebody is trying to -- i'm going to try to say this without crying -- if someone thinks they are going to make money from the death of caylee, they are wrong. >> heather: and let's bring in judy miller and k.t. mcfarland and kimberly guilfoyle. is there anything that can be done legally to stop people from profiting from this? >> it's really tricky. keep in mind that casey anthony under the law allowed to profit but nevertheless there is public outcry. people that can boycott or
1:44 pm
refuse to buy anything these is involved in or watch movies where she might be getting monetary profit. >> i think it's great. in early america, pilgrims when they couldn't convict somebody of a crime, they shunned them. >> we live in a country you are acquitted, you are acquitted. she has every right to tell her story, to do a book contract. when we get into the business of saying, no, even though a jury of your peers you are not guilty you can't profit. where is this woman going to work? likewise, other woman and americans have a right to say i'm not going buy her book. we don't want to interfere with anyone's freedom of expression. >> heather: i don't know with the possibility of this. is there any way where any money or profit is made off this case is perhaps get to an
1:45 pm
organization in caylee's name? >> i doubt to be perfectly honest that casey anthony would do anything like that because she is morally reprehensible because she didn't report the death. but if she did something like that that would be commendable but what bothers me people are going to sensation analyze this and offer million dollars for an interview. we don't know where she is. she took off on a lear jet. >> i was watching that in the coverage. i was very surprised that the coverage that was granted. they had this whole thing. >> where they took her away and took her to a parking deck and switched the cars. it was really something out of a movie. >> it's kind of sad but you have
1:46 pm
to resort to that kind of behavior. people with equally upset about it. but our legal system and kimberly you know better than anybody. that is way the cookie crumbles. if you don't like her don't buy the book. >> that is the way the cookie crumbles. and a restaurant is banning children, they are banning from eating the restaurant if they are under 6. some think it's a great idea but others say it makes no sense. >> i do do believe people have preferences, if they want to ban kids from restaurants, i don't think they should be condemned for that necessarily. >> what is your preference? >> my sprews to go to a restaurant without kids. >> skid going to be kid. look adults, they act worse than
1:47 pm
the kids do. >> heather: very good point. so i hear some heavy sighs from you. >> you are a restaurant and open to the public and public includes children. parents have an obligation to make sure the kids aren't screaming and yelling but if you can't do this, you lose your license to be dealing with the publicly. >> have five grandchildren and i adore them all. i think a restaurant -- they are happy meals. they are including people that want to come in with their children. what is wrong with the restaurant saying, goodbye. >> i wouldn't bring my four-year-old because fine dining french restaurant but there are places that are family friendly you could bring a
1:48 pm
child. i or not going to disrupt somebody's engagement proposal. use your common sense. >> heather: so we're going to move to our next topic. a mother manages to get a book banned from her son's elementary school. we're not talking about catcher in the reye but adventures of super diaper baby. he wanted the book pulled because it used the term pooh pooh head. t her child was suspended for one day because her child had used the term poo-poo head that he had read in this book. >> the child was suspended for saying that. >> we all agree on that but when it starts -- you start by banning poo-poo head and it ends
1:49 pm
with everything else. you don't ban books. we live in a country where you don't ban books. you don't want your child to read poo-poo head. don't let your child read it. >> it's crazy. the little boy, they think it's had i layer us on. he laughing with little girl. and mom should have done, hoen honey, i'm glad you are reading that book. >> i think it's outrageous. i can't believe this school. my goodness, i think it showed, kids are learning. its teachable moment. but these books aren't bad and
1:50 pm
they are funny and humorous. >> making the point and not at the school because they suspended her child. >> heather: coming up a florida sheriff coming up with a new way to save money, going below the belt, stripping his inmates in the jail of the free underwear. is this fair? we'll debate it.
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>> heather: a sheriff in florida saying money by doing away with free underwear for inmates. from now on, they will have to buy underwear in the canteen. he says the taxpayers will save about $45,000 a year and inmates will have to get with the program. >> this is not a welfare program. there is no state law. there is no federal law that says we have to provide underwear in the county jail. so they'll be free spirits. >> heather: free spirits. is this fair, especially policy to the female inmates. our power panel. free spirit in every aspect of the word. >> as the only person here who
1:55 pm
can verify what jail guard is like because i went to jail to protect a source, i can tell you that it is not our money and underwear is kind of an essential item. if we judge our society by how you treat old people, children and prisoners, let's get real here. spend the $45,000 and give prisoners what they need. when you are in jail you need underwear. >> this guy does not have a budget problem. he has a revenue problem. let's raise revenue. they have to wear the underwear unless they are willing to pay a fine and they can wear whatever underwear they want. >> so they only have to do one run and pay the fine and make a little money. so everybody is happy.
1:56 pm
he doesn't have a budget problem any month more and we stimulated the economy. [ laughter ] >> i don't know, because at the alexandria detention center that is something that came with the program. it seems harsh. women have to have bras and under pants. i think we should give it to men. we can't separate the good people that go to jail from the bad guys. >> it's wrong on so many levels. >> we have much bigger problem, with cross-dressing. >> thank you guys. interesting topic today i must say. >> gregg: there is so much i would love to see sai about this
1:57 pm
subject but i will not come out well on it. [ laughter ] >> gregg: no jail cells, no guards, casey anthony walking around as a free woman for the first time. her case is coming up. her story coming up. my doctor told me calcium is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights
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>> hello, welcome to a brand new hour inside of america's news head quarterce. she's out of jail, but will casey anthony ever be really free? a mountain of legal issues still await her and our legal panel weigh in. >> america cranks up the ac. millions was us do do everything we can to escape the sweltering heat. how long we have got before things cool down? >> and we have the healthiest monkeys for you. millions was hitting the beach this summer .
2:01 pm
but first, time is running out to solve our nation's debt crisis. 16 days left before america starts to default. both sides struggling to hammer out a deal. but the white house said there is enough time to get some things done. they have more from us in washington. there is a chance to get a grand d bargain? >> well, heather, the obama administration thinks there is time. but august 2nd is the deadline. that is fast approaching. the president could call another meeting to talk about the debt crisis today or tomorrow. there hasn't been a session since last thursday. white house budget director said there is activity and progress and there's still time to do something big. you wonder where the parties are compared to discussions over the last decades. there are things that both
2:02 pm
sides are talking about doing that is dramatic. the president made it clear he want to do something substantial. >> there is talk behind the scenes. heather. and are the republicans behind the idea? >> they are divided on how to go forward. house speaker john boehner are hoping for the agreement with the president . the teparters are pushing cup, cap and balance . most republicans strongly oppose tax increases. >> the president is asking us, republicans vote for a debt ceiling increasine though you campaigned against it and pay for all of the spepped support tax increases while you are at it. >> key votes in congress could give us a better indication of the next episode in the economic cliffhanger, heather? >> it is a cliffhanger to say
2:03 pm
the least. and right now, there is no deal in sight to break the debt deadlock. even the republicans it did not see eye to eye on whether we should raise taxes. >> we heard the resurrection of the grand bargain. do you think that is possible? >> unless the president gets off the obsession of raising taxes, republicans are not going to agree to do anything that harms our economy and job killing taxes will harm our economy . so there would not be a default, but as to whether or not we achieve savings in the process again depends on the president. >> policy is more important than politics . i will recall in 1983, when the real leader of the republican party ronald reagan and the real leader of the democrat party tip o'neil increased social security wihold increased the retirement age from 65 to scen
2:04 pm
. many people expected political armageddon for president regan. he did the right thing and went on to victory. >> let's debate the latest on the debt ceiling. nancy, our senior advisor to john mccain and democrat congressman martin frost jowns us as well congressman, starting with you. conservative republicans in the house are adament about this. no tax increases of any kind. so if the president really want to raise the debt ceiling, by the way it is his request to do so . does he need to concede on that issue? >> greg, i know you are going to find this hard to believe. you and i will agree on what is happening now. i think the most likely solution is mcconle reed, to have a debt ceiling increase and have budget cuts in the
2:05 pm
process and create a six-month process where you look at both taxs and the budget. not doing it with a shot gun and trying to do it in a reasonable light. however, you cannot do what the radical republicans do in the house and that is to refuse to vote against the debt-ceiling. we can't reduce the full faith and credit of the united states . it would increase interest rates for consumers. the question is how we get there and my guess is something like what mcconnel and reed had and with budget cuts and commitment to seriously look at taxes over the next six months. >> and seeing nearly 70 percent of the americans. i showed the poll in the last hour, side with the president. revenue increases should be a part of the deal . a near majority of the merrence will blame republicans if the ceiling is not raised. you know, nancy, for a party
2:06 pm
thata clims it wanted a man date. are republicans on the wrong side of public opinion? >> they may be. but part of that is because of the magic wand that obama is waving and he is gotten away with it. he's not put a serious effort in the budget. his last budget in february increased the debt trillions of dollars . he's the one who has not stepped up to the plate. paul introduced the only serious budget i have seen in 10 years. republicans have spent under bush, but obama has exploded the budget . we can see spending going from 18 percent gdp to 25 percent. it would be irresponsible to raise taxes before or if they cut spending . >> congressman frost, the
2:07 pm
president continues to rail against tax breaks for corporate jet owners, and you know this. you were in congress back then, the last time a so-called luxury tax break was alter would. it costs tens of thousands of jobs in one trea alone . here's the report from the joint economic committee for which i used to work by the way. 25,000 workers lost their jobs building yacth . over all. the treasury lost 24 million through lost income tax revenue and higher unemployment and welfare payments. congressman, the same thing can happen. we could lose jobs and revenue. how does that make sense to you? >> greg, the only thing that makes sense in the long haul rather than the next couple of weeks. take a serious look at the tax code and lower the rates and
2:08 pm
look at deductions and not throw everything out but make sense. here's the problem that the president faces. the president is attacking the oil and gas industry in this count reap and eliminate from the major oil companies and domestic independence . republicans on the other hand want to preserve all of the breaks and including the break for the big old company. congressional democrats said let's get rid of the tax breaks and drill 95 percent of the wells. there is a middle ground on tax issues and we can't snap your fingers and do that. he's wrong about corporate jets, isn't he? >> i don't know what the answer is on corporate jets. >> 100,000 lost jobs. >> greg, greg. i don't think. >> you remember that 20 years ago. i don't think you nickel and dime this by a couple billion here or there. whether it is corporate jets
2:09 pm
or oil and industry. do it as a lower rates for everybody . then you can defend that. but the bottom line, republicans will be crazy if they refuse to vote against raising the debt ceiling no matter what. the republicans will be blamed. >> nancy. no. no. no. your former boss senator john mccain, he warned a couple of days ago. it could cripple the republicans this summer if the party votes against raising the debt limit under any circumstances. i want to quote him directly. if i were cantor, i would get a republican pollster to brief them right now. they are not winning the battle . senator mccain, again your
2:10 pm
boss predicted a total victory for the president in 2012 if the republicans continue to oppose him on this. is your former boss wrong? >> he has been once or twice. and i mean, let me point out that john kyle on television today made the articalate case if it involves increasing taxes that would be a debt for the economic recovery . picture stallone in rocky one taking a beat barely on his knees and they landed a hay maker . that's what taxes would be doing. the idea last week, they are talking about how critical it is to increase the debt ceil include tax increases n the same breath talking about giving away a tax subsidy to
2:11 pm
the natural gas trea and represent the product and that is cheap and abundant and got private capitol. i don't trust the guys with the piggy bank and you are exactly right on the luxury tankings. >> the phone is ringing. senator mccain is on the line and wants to take issue with you by calling him wrong. >> we have to pass something. let's look at taxes but do it in a calmer matter over the next few months and put a dad line on it . make them serious about it . tell them they can't go home for christmas. but not a panicked situation. >> we'll see what happens. congressman martin frost and nancy, thank you so much. good to see you. >> fast-moving development in the news of the world phone hack investigation. london police chief stepping down over the alleged ties to the case. this coming after the former
2:12 pm
british executive was arrested. rebecca brooks is still being questioned by the police. the newspaper was owned by news corp, parent cum of fox news. senior foreign affairs april kellogg is live in london with more. >> hi, heather, there is scant information coming out of scotland yard about rebecca brooks address. it is not clear why she was arrested. it was a surprise to many people because she is supposed to testify before the parliment on tuesday . she is arrested in connection with phone hacking and allegedly over seeing bribes that were begin to police for information. at this point, she is not charged with anything . another shock came as the metropolitan police commissioner resigned suddenly . the police are embroil would for allegedly taking bribes .
2:13 pm
the editor was arrested as part of the phone hacking system . not investigating it from the get go as the problem was identified years ago. aas commissioner, i find it my responsibility to look at the situation we are. i didn't and that's that . >> and brooks, the woman who fought to get to the story first and shot up through the ranks of tabloid journalism and first woman ever to run the biggest newspaper publishing company in britain in the past two weeks is a story herself. her spokesman said she went to police by appointment and ended up under arrest. rebecca brooks was saying to the police since january she was ready to cooperate and answer questions they might need to put to her and they
2:14 pm
said explicitly they gave her a sense she was not on the radar screen at all. they testified before the committee . the police changed their approach. no word from scotland yard on the details of the arrest and it was a rather striking development in the whole phone hacking story today. that's the latest from london, back to you. >> thank you, aimep. - amy. >> arrested on two occasions in great britain. one for questioning and one for charges. casey anthony, we talked about her getting her first taste of freedom after three years behind bars. she was released from jail overnight just 12 days after being found not guilty for killing her daughter caylee. anthony and her attorney came rushing in a waiting suv.
2:15 pm
that is where caylee's remains were found . no one knows where she is at this hour. we were surprised the way this happened and the media were cynical . there is no way they are going to walk out of the door and there is no way it is going to and officials did just the just the. she came walking out of the orange county jail a free woman . accompanied by jose baez by
2:16 pm
her side. members of the public could see her and 300 protestors gathering outside of that location and the crowd rushing tempary barriers that were set outside . no reports of violence or arrest just a lot of opinions out there. lin. >> protesting that this killer is getting out and she had such a jury trial that was a joke. a six year old would have made a more conscious decision than what they did. >> people who respect due process and it -- they need to let them live their. they went to a parking garage but the suv never came back out. the defense team gave us the slip and casey anthony vanishing in the dark. back here live on the other side of town.
2:17 pm
dozens of people are flowing through the woods where little caylee's remains were found in 2008. we are not far from the anthony's home. some are here to protest casey anthony's release and some paying respect for caylee and dropping off flowers and balloons and toys . some to snap a picture. greg. casey anthony may be out of the big house but out of the woods: there are many potential problems down the road . casey anthony trial left us with more questions than answer. we'll have a judge janine tonight . geraldo examines casey anthony's future. all that tonight on the fox news channel.
2:18 pm
>> get ready for serious weather in your area if you are not already feeling it another dangerous heat wave is spreading all over the u.s. and powerful storms could be coming along with the triple-digit temperatures. >> hi, heather. there is severe weather and just informed that tropical depression number two formed off of the coast of florida and could be tropical storm bret overnight. that's what we will watch . the temperatures are upper 90s in many areas of the plains and factor in the humidity and it feels like triple-digits out there. and 107 in minneapolis. 106 in kansas city and that is dangerous stuff. there are heat warning in place in the region and over 15 states currently impacted and some of those areas are seeing heat index values over 115 degrees.
2:19 pm
stay hydrated and severe storm in north dakota and portions of minnesota and we have reports. and there are and there is one headed to fargo . please stay alert . this is one of those thunderstorms and crystal sprippings, there is a tornado with that and there will likely be a tornado on. please seek shelter immediately and we'll monitor those and we'll talk temperatures. >> thank you, maria, we'll appreciate it. >> man, it is hot out there. amazing . alarming new numbers out taking care of eldarely parents could cost you a small fortune. what you can do right now to help keep those costs down. >> new controversies over the
2:20 pm
high profile democrat. why andrew cuomo's actions don't match up with his words . >> new developments unfolding two hundred miles above the earth. nasa's final shuttle mission. bg
2:21 pm
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2:24 pm
defeated by japan but still number one in our hearts. >> and now back to our other news of the day. stunning details on how it takes to take care of mom and dad . you can expect to spend $300,000 caring for an elderly parent. alarming numbers could get worse because of the debt crisis. but there are things you can do right now to keep the costs down. senior business correspondant for bulls and bears. >> i can't they lost. >> i know. >> it went right by. and staying out of this. >> i know. >> over time penalty kicks. >> not me. i am not the messenger . now we are talking about more bad news. >> it is good advice for
2:25 pm
caring for eldarely partners. >> $300,000 is a hefty chunk. estimates were made by met life . they private long-term care. 20 percent of the american population is caring for a parent that is ill or having trouble . so it really is affecting many of us . as they reach retirement age and pay. a lot of times for their parents care . it is staggering more than 49 million americans caring for someone over the age of 50 who is ill. >> there is something you can do . don't touch your ira or 401 k. that's your retirement and you need to let that grow . those kind of tax deferred savings grow.
2:26 pm
that is important. but what you can do, is put a chunk aside and pay the hospital directly that saves you taxes. don't pay your parents directly. don't write them a check for $20,000 pay the hospital expenses directly and another thing to do. not necessarily go stronger in stocks at this point in your life. but look at dif-- dividends bearing stocks and bonds . and take that income and help to pay for your elderly partners. and you have to start aggressively . you are getting old. you know, as well. right. >> i am not. i don't know about you. >> after what i just heard, i just aged 10 years. i am sorry. and if is nolt so much the aggressive. it is going to the dividends .
2:27 pm
normally you would reinvest that and take that money and start using that. >> is very important . also, consider long-term care insurance . because that can top it. >> long-term insurance and nursing home and things like that can top up to 50,000 a year. >> exactly . care insurance may be a way to go to help bring those costs down and make them more bearable. >> thank you so much. that is very good advice. >> and there is things you can do. >> and thank you. >> why did you look at me when you said old? looked right at me. >> i didn't. >> yes, you did. and that is my eye. and feeling old. >> and all right. a major development in the fight against deadly disease. it does affect millions of americans. scientist are reporting simple
2:28 pm
eye test. it is a warning sign to look out for . researchers are discussing their findings in the conference this weekend and get early detection out there and studies can be big help. it is caused by a plaque on a person's brain . and it is just the brain. researchers and photographed blood vessels of 110 healthy people. 13 with althiemers and other cognitive impairment and
2:29 pm
prealthiemers. they found the certain blood vessels were different and matched the amount of plaque. it is the most common way to find althiemers. it is for routine use. here is warning signs. memory loss and confusion with time and place. and new problems with words and social withdrawal and changes in mood and personality. most have the cameras used for the study but takes a special computer prom to measure the blood vessels in the althiemers research. more studies are planned to see howacerate the test might be. greg. >> julie, thank you. >> and horrifying moments in the home of the iowa congressman leonard boswell >> the sphen year - 77 year old
2:30 pm
fighting off an armed intruder. we'll tell you about the story. >> and at the same times made by new york governor cuomo. why his public support for the president's economic policy don't match up with the action he's taking in his own state. but i did. they said i couldn't get elected to congress. but i did. ♪ smetimes when we touch ha ha! millions of hits! [ male announc ] flick, stack, and move between active apps seamlessly. only on the new hp touchpad with webos. the motorola expert from sprint. its powerful tools help you work faster and smarter so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it lets you access business forms on the go,
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>> time now for top of the news. new development republican race for the white house. texas governor rick perry said he will decide in two or three weeks whether he will run for president. >> an armed intruder breaks in congressman lenord bos well's home. he took off after his 22 year old grandson fetched a shot gun. los angeles mayor announcing one of the busiest u.s.
2:34 pm
freeways reopening as scheduled . >> a possible new running mate for president obama. but andrew cuomo's economic policy don't match up to the white house and why the governor's public praising of the president is happening. only 38 percent of the americans support how president obama is handling the economy. michael is a columnist for the new york post and fox news contractor. he joins us now do you think that governor cuomo believes that the president is doing a great job? >> he told the new york times in an interview. he said the president had brought the country back from the abyss . i write that that is bizarre. because cuomo himself as governor of new york took the exact opposite course.
2:35 pm
he is cutting taxs and cutting spending and actually putting a property tax cap in affect around the state and actually reduced medicaid spending . he's done everything the opposite of president obama and had an impact on new york already. his approval ratings are through the roof on what he's doing unlike president obama who want to raise taxes and raise spending and resist any kind of real trends to the budget. the fact that cuomo is praising obama is party loyalty. >> look at the poll, since you mentioned it we'll skip to that. it is a college poll and according to this poll, governor cuomo had a favorability rating of 71 percent. that is up from a month ago . as you laid out, he's cut spend taxes, and so should perhaps he be advising the president? >> well, i think the president would do well to listen to
2:36 pm
him. i wrote early on this year, that andre cuomo is the most important democrat in the country who is not barack obama . that is because of new york ultimate blue state was a test case. could a democrat gov nern new york in a time of fiscal durress . cuomo said he took a page out of new jersey governor chris christie's play book. you have big blue states trying to govern in fiscally responsible ways and reduce the tax burden and stimulate job growth and try to cut spending and remove the waste so that you can get out from underneath the huge pile of debt new york and new jersey ran up . each of those things can working in its own way. it is just the beginning. i think that president obama would do well to look at the
2:37 pm
states. these are states that many ways resemble washington in terms of the level of debt to get out from under. they are doing it in a far different and better way than the president is. >> but the fox news poll. people were if they liked president obama as a person. 56 percent dislike his policies, but as you are referencing . a gal up poll that we just had. 70 percent are in favor of putting in tax increases and cut in spending. is it a matter of compromise on both issues do you think? is anyone willing to do that? >> i personally also support closing some of the tax loop holes, but what president obama wants to do is raise income taxes . on the top earners and by a point of comparison, new york has a millionaire's tax of the
2:38 pm
kind that president obama talks about making nationally and obama said in new york, it hits the top earners who earn above $200,000 . andrew cuomo is letting it expire naturally this year and said over and over, he will not renew and support extending it. there you have tax cutoth very people that obama wants to raise taxes on. as i say, closing the tax loop holes andending subidies is one thing but raising income taxes is a terrible idea. >> people can read more on this and other things you have to say. michael goodwin's column in the sunday new york post. thank you for joining us. >> casey anthony's whereabouts may be a mystery, but not the last time we will hear about her. coming up. we'll examine the real challenges that she faces. >> and the good old summer time back yard grilling and
2:39 pm
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>> her murder trial kept the country glude to the television. leaving questions about the death of little caylee and then shocking not guilty verdict. a lot of americans were outraged by that. what is next for casey anthony now that she's out of jail and can she move on? or will legal problems haunt her. >> and former prosecutor is host of fox news.comlive. oj simpson was haunted by fred goldman and pursued a 30 million dollar lawsuit against him . oj had something that casey doesn't have. he had a homestead exemption because he owned property and a nfl pension that was outside of the scope of any judgment.
2:43 pm
she didn't have that. >> no, by the way, there is a lot of goldman type after casey anthony to make sure she never profits. by facebook and movies and i don't have a problem with thamp if she wants to do something, it would be nice for her to do something positive and try to help missing or abused children. i seriously doubt she will do that. it makes me sick to my stomach am >> the laws in florida do not apply on connictions on misdemeanor. >> the reality is she can write a book or do the million dollar interview . i don't think she will do anything for children or charity . the son of sam laws will not touch her. she can profit from this event, shall we call it that?
2:44 pm
we'll not call it a murder. but she can profit from it. >> a florida lawmaker is presenting a bill to prevent jurors from financially profiting from 278 days. that is a violation . first amendment. the first amendment protects not only free speech but paid free speech. >> i think you have an excellent point. that is something that is all the way back up to the supreme court. this is a something that is fundmental in our rights. >> what about the jurors who decide to make a decision in a case basod what make them money in a book. >> defendant's right to a fair trial. i understand the idea behind it which is to get fair and impartial jurors and have no financial or monetary gain that is dependent on the out come. >> that will never pass. you have to remember the self
2:45 pm
jurors and michael jackson and scott peterson. never heard of them in voir dire. they know they'll get a book signed and that's the way the system works. >> how many jurors lie? >> a lot of jurors lie. of course they do. >> and i catch them and turn them in . down in la . you try cases back to back and stay on a panel . i would end up with the same jurors that i rejected coming on the next case i was doing especially the four-day cases. >> and it is a different menitality. they want to be on. >> and we can get out of this, please. we have the dog to feed or cat to watch. >> they lie about it . they (talking all at once.) >> they are to get the book and interview. they don't care what it takes to get on the jury and they are harder to kick off. >> or people who have
2:46 pm
something against law enforcement. i tried cases in the same court as oj simpson and you see not guilty. people wanted to punish the law enforcement. >> famous lawyers who try famous cases. johnnie cochran, they made huge amounts was money lecturing and writing books about it. how is that different than the jurors? >> no tis not. the supreme court ruled on this. never going to pass as a law. jurors, as long as they serve the six weeks, they can profit from it as someone who is acquitted as casey anthony can profit from it. >> you were a federal prosecutor. wouldn't you be outraged if there were a juror on the panel who acquits because they thought it would be a better book. >> where does that cross examine from, rick?
2:47 pm
where will i figure out that that happens. the juror decided to acquit because i wanted. >> sometimes they tell somebody else, look, i voted this way because i wanted a book. >> it is an acquittal and a book. you can't go back as a prosecutor. picking the jury. hold on. (talking all at once.) death penalty qualified. excuse me juror number 11 a foreperson said he had a hard time with the death penalty. i tried death penalty cases . never would i put a juror like that. they shouldn't have. >> of course they . they bear responsibility for that as well >> what aboutal jurors and your run of the day every day jurors . educated judges with a legal background? >> i like the judges.
2:48 pm
>> in? jurisdiction. >> we'll have a problem. one person versus 12. >> professionals. >> i think stick with the jury system. i agree with this outcome. i am undefeated. when you have the facts on your side. >> both of you do well in front of juries. >> you do well here, too. thank you both. >> thank you. >> heather is outside. heather. >> you guys need a hand out here. check out what i have. food that you can take to the beach or anywhere and not be so messy. and summer vacation and stay cool.
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it is little bit of a breeze.
2:53 pm
any adventures and tedious task of going to lunch. >> mebmen's journal and keeping it fresh in the sizzling summer heat. joining us is the senior editor of health and fitness of men's journal. >> thank you. and if you are lucky enough to head to the beach, there are things to keep in mind. >> absolutely, calories and fat and sodium . they say it doesn't matter. you will gain weight . not to mention . salt and sodium you will bloat. one in six americans will get a food born illness and food taken out in 90 degrees take less than an hour to spoil. >> i don't have salt in my house . >> everybody packs a sandwich. >> it is easy to pack and lots
2:54 pm
of sandwiches are healthy . mayo and cheese spoils. they are lookingatical reese for sandwiches. >> what do you have? >> this is ultimate spoil proof sandwich. almond butter has heart healthy nutriients and smashed bananas. it is loaded with potassium and so it is the ultimate beach food and it is great. next we have what i like to call salad in a pit a. heavy on the humus. is vegetables are high water and fiber. water keeps you hydrated and like the ultimate beach. and turkey pit aright. >> wrapping the low sodium turkey and we keep out the salt from blooting and
2:55 pm
cantaloupe and lettuce horse radish . in a flat bread. >> and it is in the great outdoors. they are great. >> and cherries and grapes are perfect . pop it on their mouth and they have a fraction of the calories and no sodium and fat . they are great. >> adame it is great. you have to shell it yourself if you are mindlessly eating it is perfect. >> it is great. you can't go wrong with grapes. high in water and fiber and ultimate beach food. >> water melon. >> for people who don't like plain food. top it with red vinegar . top it feta cheese. crackers, i am addicted to
2:56 pm
them. i can eat a box. you shouldn't. 18 crackers has 120 calories and whole glain and they are great. >> i am getting thirsty and so tell us about the drinks. soda is loaded with sugar and calories and diet soda will cause you to bloat. low calorie lemonade is wonderful. it doesn't have artificial sweeteners and third of the calories than normal lemonade. vitamin water . nutritents and sweatened. >> and get to the beer now, please . >> pack light. normal light beer has 60 . it is wonderful and don't drink too many and bring your sunscreen. >> remember sunscreen and remember the beautiful umbrella behind you. >> right. >> and you are fabulous.
2:57 pm
thank you for being with us with great healthy tips. have you made it to the beach. jersey shore down there. >> chris wallace coming up next . at bayer, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanc aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain ice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin.
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